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iBTC Token

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Our Features

Bitcoin + Ethereum = IBTC
IBTC is a tokenized version of Bitcoin build on Ethereum blockchain. The average block time is 24 seconds; no more 8 minutes. There are 50 million IBTC and no additional Token will ever be produced. IBTC is for cheap and fast transactions with speed of light, to send fund all over the world with transaction fees as small as $0.05. With IBTC Lending 150% interest is a guarantee to double your investment in 6 months..Download


Do you prefer guarantee return on your investment? IBTC lending is for you! Lend your BTC through IBTC token for daily interest of 0.50% and above. You make more than 150% ROI every Year without lifting your hands. Withdraw your interest weekly to your Bitcoin wallet once is above $100.Read more


IBTC affiliate link allow you to earn profitable commissions referring your family, friends and followers. Earn 5% commission if your referral buy lending contracts.

Supported exchanges

Why iBTC Lending

We are team of financial experts and crypto enthusiast with passion for the future of bitcoin. iBTC Lending is backed with smart contract, your interest and principal capital doesn't need our approval to hit your account. Here is our plans on how to spend the loan wise to return a sustainable profit.

How to spend the loan for sustainable profit

  1. To invest some parts of the loan developing ibtc projects for a better future for bitcoin and a secured plus a conducive enveroment for Crypto.
    • To use the loan to cover listing fees for ibtc in big exchange like bittrex, poloniex, hitbtc, bittumb, cryptopia, bitfinex, etc
    • To use the loan to speed up development to meet up the target in our roadmap and whitepaper to add more value to ibtc.
  2. To invest some parts in ICOs, online real estates, Master Nodes, Finance start ups, invest in some crypto currency special when is dip and resale at some certain percentage up.
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How Much Will I Earn?

0.000 000 00 BTC ($0) / 0.000 000 00 BCH ($0)
(will change based on mining difficulty and Bitcoin price)

Estimated 24 hour revenue

Specifications of iBTC Token

  • Name: iBTC Token
  • Symbol: IBTC
  • Decimals: 18
  • Token Total Supply: 50M
  • Token circulation supply: 18.5M

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